(Video) Take a Look At Governor Cuomo’s $27 Billion Idea To Renovate The Subway Systems

Sheesh, for 27 billion dollars you might as well have these trains flying. The way these trains are going to look, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

MTA Violence Continues: Teens Beat Up Woman

What is going on with today’s generation! A group of four teenagers jumped a 21-year old woman on an A-Train. The subways seem to be getting more expensive by the year and more dangerous.

(Video) Subway Slam: WWF Match On The Subway Train

These guys really took throwback Thursday to another level. What else says nostalgia than the Rock talking smack to and laying down the smackdown on X-Pac. Ah, the attitude era, how we miss you.

(Photo) Woman In A Vagina Mask Hands Out Tampons On The Subway

Yeni Sleidi is taking it upon herself to make people aware of menstruation by posting pro-period ads all over New York and also handing out tampons. In addition, Sleidi is also putting up tampon dispensers around. I mean we all know it exists but why is this so important to her.

(Video) Man Talks Reckless On NYC Subway, Fights Random Passengers

There are times when you are on the train and you just have to mind your business because some crazy iish is going on. This is one of them times.

(Video) This Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive! NYC MTA Subway Explosion

This guy is lucky to be alive! The New York City MTA Subway worker was trying to remove a metal garbage can from the tracks, which caused a huge explosion right in his face! Check out the video!

(Video) MTA Approves A March Fare Hike: The Struggle Is Real

Over six million New York City and Long Island commuters let out a collective groan with the news that the MTA Approves A March Fare Hike: The Struggle Is Real.

(Video) Cop Turns Himself In For Attacking MTA Worker

Cop Turns Himself In For Attacking MTA Worker. The NYPD needed the public’s help to identify a man last week who attacked an MTA worker. The MTA worker was informing passengers about service changes when she was approached by a man who grew frustrated and took out his anger on her. Watch a video of him after the jump!

(Photos) MTA Subway Ads To Address “Man Spreading”

As the 2014 numbers for public transportation in New York City rack in at 6.1 million riders every day among a reported population of 8.4 million, public service announcements are set to start addressing the ongoing issue of SPACE and courtesy. Of all “the struggle” situations the MTA Subway Ads To Address “Man Spreading” as the first part of its upcoming campaign. This continues in a decades long line of choice messages created by the MTA for commuters eyes, but is this taking it too far? Sound off: “man spreading” as a public problem, valid or nah?

(Photo) Daredevil Dies After Train Surfing!!

Brian McClellen was found a top a Metro North train in flames this morning. The crew proceeded to use a fire extinguisher to out the flames. Brain died later that day in the hospital.

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