IFWT reaches out from time to time for those important questions…and what’s more important than the technology your favorite artists use?? Joe Budden took time out from being in the Blog Headlines in order to tell us what phone he uses and what he uses it for!!! Hit the jump!

WZA: Hey Man, What’s up Joe?

JB: What’s going on?

WZA: You know just grinding, Ok so the Tech question of the hour is, What phone do you use?

JB: The iPhone

WZA: Ahh, the King , so what’s your Favorite App?

JB: Right now the Chase App! Counting My Money!!

WZA: I Hear that! Well Do you Play games on it?

JB: Yeah definitely, I play Angry Birds!

WZA: Yes Angry birds is super tough, what’s your highest level?

JB: Oh I beat it, I’m waiting for the update.

WZA: OK that’s whats up, so do you use the Camera, If so could you give us a piece of your photography?

JB: Yes I do, and sure no Prob, here’s one of Me and My 10 year old Son.

WZA: Cool, That’s what’s up. So what’s your favorite thing about the iPhone?

JB: Uhhh I’d have to say the great Internet Connectivity!

WZA: Yes, it is pretty quick and reliable, alright Last question, Would you ever leave the iPhone??

JB: Nope, I might get the new model when it drops, but I’m staying with the iPhone!

WZA: Yeah I feel you on that, alright cool, Good Looking Fam, and I’m sure we will be talking to you about something soon!!

JB: Ok no doubt, later man.

OK so that was what Joe had to say about his piece of Tech!

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