Ok I’m gonna be honest, I could of posted this last night But I was trying to not bring so much attention, So I would have a shot at getting one of those Hybrid Androids, but Hit the Jump to see what happened exactly!

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So I was going back to Republic Wireless’ website through my email offer all day, mostly because they were telling me, “Come back, we’ll be good today, Nov 8th” So I kept going back! And then I went on at like 9p-ish, and it changed, so I thought I was Clean….I mean when I was getting to this:

I was getting a message to come Back -_-
But At 9p-ish, it went through to this:

So I got HYPE, & I mean Hype, I Love NEW Tech!! But When I got past that part. I got this Nasty Server Message, which Def took me back to when the TouchPad Fire Sale Craze was going on, which was Not pleasant to a Tech Nerd like Me:

And kept going back(like the TouchPad Drama), and Back and Back, and by the end of the hour, I got this Nice ‘n’ Nifty little message:

So I went the rest of the night And to no avail, Now in my mind I was like 2 things could of happened here, they either had Super limited supply, or they were some how giving out devices regionally, with that “It’s still Nov. 8th… Somewhere” crack, well I think it was a bit of both(except for they regional part)! They def had a limited supply(but not as limited as I 1st thought), and it was still Nov 8… Somewhere, because in the 2am hour Eastern Standard Time, I was able to Order my very own nifty little Hybrid Android:

Now I got this message when I clicked through, about 30 to 60 days(which is how I know they had limited supplies, But we good):


Then I put my info in to get it Poppin!!:


Then I received this really nice confirmation page that my order was placed, yet No word on when, but I’m good with that:

Any way,  once we get it, we will do a live(maybe a google Hangout) UnBoxing, let you know how it works, and Exactly when they open up past Beta so we all can live!!

Oh let me say, I don’t know how this service will work, but if it’s at least as good as MetroPCS, but a third of that price, I’m in…..I mean it will grow, and at less than $20 month(Well a little over $22 actually, but still), I’m with it!!

Try for yourself at the source: Republic Wireless


ok, so I checked back this morning, just to make sure ppl could still get one, and I confirmed(for myself) that I was an early bird, because the message went from a vague timeline, to specific time:


So then I clicked on that to continue to check if you guys are good, and I got this:


So they are “Full” for now, but sign up so you can jump on a truly affordable phone, And Stay tuned for the UnBoxing I mention that will possibly take place in 30 to 60 days!!!