This is actually great news that the government is helping to connect the third of America that is not connected to the internet, most of which are not on because it cost so damn much, Well the FCC is enlisting a gaggle of internet providers to provide low-cost internet to struggling families, which is great in this economy, Hit the Jump for Details!!

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Comcast was already on board, but now the FCC has acquired Time Warner Cable, Cox and most other major US cable providers, according to the NYT’s, and they state if you have a kid in the free lunch, you can qualify for $9.99 a month, which is way better than $49.99 a month. Also a small Ohio based IT company is offering computers at $150 to use with the low-cost offer. This will Help a lot of people and I applaud the FCC and the normally greedy internet providers for doing this!!!! But I would like to mention AT&T, and Verizon are NOT involved(Greedy Fcks) Find out more in the Source link!

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