Samsung GalaxyII NYC Event 22
Last Night Samsung went all out in NYC, Introducing the Galaxy Note II at a Very Live Event!! Very energetic, with massive amounts of units for all your hands on needs, Open bars, Music, and an Great Lengthy Performance by one of the Hottest Dudes in Hip Hop right Now, Kanye West!!! I have to say, Samsung put on one Hell of an event!!!! Hit the Jump for a few More details, then hit those little red arrows to cruise through the gallery of How the Event went Down!!


I was Really impressed at the Event last night, although there were spending a pretty penny to make it so, It seemed well worth every Penny!!
The event was held in the Main Post office on 33rd and 8th Ave, Lots of Lights and Colors, and the Best part(to me), there were Lots of Women that were there to see Kanye of course, but as part of the Techie/Entertainment(tastemakers) Industries, I think they knew they weren’t gonna leave with him, So I was happy to see them!! Usually, it’s All dudes, which in that world is not necessarily a pause, the true Techie community is about the thought, So All Men is ok, it’s about the technology, But the Techie Men still Love Women 0_0
Hands On the Galaxy Note II(I Dubb thee GN2) was Pretty Dope, but almost as good was to see the Galaxy Camera…That could Really Change the Point N Shoot to SLR Camera Markets!!!!
But let me Not veer from the Note II, I see it as being a winner just as the Note I was a winner last year, and Very Well put a dip in the Kindle Fire, and possibly the iPad Mini, Def the Nexus Tablet. Although those are in the tablet arena, the GN2 is not far in size, and can compete in functionality, and the price point could be the tipping factor on wether it will dip some if not all those previous named devices!
I REALLY Need to get my Hands on this device!!!(Tmobile Version If you’re reading this Samsung). Another Major factor why this unit will sell, it will be on all major carriers, I believe last time it was Only on AT&T, So Now you can get it on Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint, besides AT&T(I’m thinking about doing something on Simple Mobile 0_o).
Ok Go though the Gallery so You can See what I saw(make sure you see who was there on the Low!!), and I have some Footage of Kanye coming later!!!