The FBI took Renel Rene Richardson into custody today after he became the primary suspect in a case involving 3,600 iPad Mini’s that went missing out of JFK airport just a week ago. Apparently Richardson was inquiring about the apple products and where he might be able to get a fork lift with other employees prior to the heist. The New York Post reports that Richardson was with the authorities as they went in search of the truck used in the heist. Hit the jump for more.


Court papers filed Friday in Brooklyn show that one Renel Rene Richardson has been arrested by the FBI and charged with acting as the lookout for a pair of accomplices as they allegedly forklifted two pallets containing 1,800 iPad minis each into a waiting tractor-trailer.
The FBI was reportedly led to Richardson after co-workers told Port Authority detectives that he had made suspicious inquiries about when the iPads were due to arrive and where a forklift might be found.

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