Ok Apple just finished taking over the world to announce pretty much everything we already knew was coming. Of course it coming officially from Apple is always best, and they def dropped some tid bits that made it worth while! But there were some things they didn’t cover that we were kind of expecting.

Tat Wza

To everyone’s surprise, Apple did not live stream, which they’ve done the last couple of keynotes, so it was really expected.

Ok the biggest thing would prob be the Camera, it’s still 8MP, and we were kinda expecting a 13mp. They did though state that the 8mp they’re keeping works even better, giving you a clearer picture!

They didn’t talk about a smart watch, like at all, giving Samsung the advantage on wearable Tech!

They didn’t mention the new iPads, but there is an alleged event happening in Oct.

They didn’t have a mention about a larger screen on the iPhone -_-

Finally, iTunes Radio. I know they announced it back in June, but it is def potentially the biggest change in Music/Tech history, so it would have been cool to hear a little more about it.

After today’s event;