Tell me you never thought that rule was complete BS?! When the Capt. makes that announcement, or flight attendant comes by telling you to put that away, well those days are practically over!!

Tat Wza

They have said there will be cases when you can’t use your device, like during the safety briefing, but for the most part you will not be harassed to put them away!

During Take off’s and landings, Phones will have to be in ‘Airplane Mode’, and tablets and other devices in the seat backs, and you still will NOT be able to use for voice calls during the entire flight. You will be able to access on board wifi, and short range bluetooth like wireless keyboards. Laptops will still have to be stowed, and below 10,000 FT. there won’t be data exchange, so no email, text, or downloading(which you can’t do without on board wifi anyway).

These changes are much welcome, but no word on exactly when this will be avail, it’s a carrier by carrier situation!!

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