IFWT_Tidal Blue
We will find out more later today when HOV announces his plans for “Tidal”, but the promotions have started already with J, Ye, Bey, and RiRi changing their social media to turquoise blue. There’s actually a lot of musical star power behind it, in a video circulating the web, most of the top music acts seem to be a meeting to hear what needs to be heard?

Tat Wza

Apparently the artists might be looking to take back their music from other streaming services like spotify so they can get paid more, hence the tweet Jay put out(which he doesn’t tweet so he’s serious about it) ‘”The Tides They Are-A Changing” #TIDALforALL’. But interesting someone tweeted that her R8 album was coming out on Tidal, and she replied ‘LIES!!’, so it may not be the model of dropping new work within the service.
Here’s the video RiRi tweeted out;

For now until the announcement is made, most of it is up for speculation, but we do know thanks to Revolt that Tidal is stressing Higher quality sound than the rest(as long as you are hooked into good speakers, cause computer speakers are computer speakers), as well as they offer video libraries of the artists, unlike the other services. But we also know(as of now) the monthly price point is almost double that of a now winning Spotify(which could be a problem for Tidal in acquiring user’s). If the biggest musical artists in the industry are only on Tidal, will you sign up to get their work?? If so, the industry could change!!

See the revolt Video breakdown here;

Keep in mind the foot hold spotify has, besides being cheaper, it’s super social, tided into almost every important social networking platform, as well as media devices that power the home like PS4’s, so Tidal has some work to do, hope they offer more than strong arming with perspective artists. Yes they may have higher quality audio, and video, but will that matter when you consider your monthly pocket?

Let us know what you think, and be prepared for more news after 5p(I assume the app will get millions of DL’s regardless, it’s trending in the app store now)!!