BET Freelancer Dies Due To Illegal Butt Injections Given To Her In A Basement

Kelly Mayhew, 34, a Maryland woman who traveled to Queens, NY to receive illegal butt injections; injections that took the young woman’s life. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Woman Found Dead After Her Fourth Illegal Butt Injection

OK y’all, c’mon now. At some point you gotta look at the #facts and weigh out your options–but if death is one, maybe it’s time to re-prioritize??? The 34 year old Woman Found Dead After Her Fourth Illegal Butt Injection was like so many obsessed with enhancing her donk and now (SMH)…

(Video) What Is This World Coming To? Day Care Worker Arrested For Kicking 15 Month Year Old Baby In The Head?

SMH. What is this world coming to? Day care worker arrested for kicking 15 month year old baby in the head? Yes, and we’ve got the shocking visuals. In Pasco County Florida, a mother unsuspectingly dropped off her 15 month year of daughter at Kids Stop and Play Daycare in Pasco County, only to notice the tiny tot had a small abrasion under her eye that she did not have before leaving her mother’s care. This definitely peeked the mother’s suspicions as well her intuition, which is what led her back to the day care to uncover disturbing footage of her helpless child being abused by day care worker Linda Klem , who was charged to look after her. See day care worker caught in the act inside.

(Video) More Police Brutality! @SaratogaSheriff Deputy Violently Smacks During Illegal Search; Cop Suspended

These Cops, not just NYPD or big cities, but the rural townships across the country, although the mandate is to serve and protect, they seem to be more about fulfilling some type of ego.

Aaliyah Biopic To Touch On Her Relationship With R Kelly!

While there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the upcoming Aaliyah biopic, the show will go on. As production continues, it has been revealed that the film, which is reportedly going to depict her life from when she was 10 up to her death, will closely cover her relationship with R. Kelly. I mean, how could it not? Being that the two got illegally married when the singer was just 15. Find out more after the jump!

*Updated* Sports: Donald Sterling Files Response To NBA; Vows To ‘Fight To The Bloody End’

Banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling filed a 32-page document in response to the NBA and he’s not going down without a fight.  Go figure.  SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

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