“Is That A Rock Or A Brick?” 50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross For Only Selling 34K Albums

He’s not done! He probably never will be either…but 50 is back at it with his relentless mocking of Rick Ross’ persona, career, and now album sales for his new album Black Market. Hit the jump to see the insults Fif had this time around for the “Bawse”.

(PHOTO) NBA: Paul George Is LATE With Shot at LeBron, But Then Gets Mad at Fans For Getting at Him

Oh Paul George, maybe you should give social media a break for a minute?!  LOL.  Paul posted up a pic late last night on Instagram & of course after the the situation with LeBron cramping up in game 1, everyone assumed he was getting at LBJ. There’s a couple things wrong with this.  1. Everyone has already done it and 2. He’s 5/6 days late.  Annnnnd if it just happens to be a coincidence — really bad timing.  Where are Paul George’s friends to advise him?! Smh. Anyways, Twitter apparently went at him after he posted it & then he had a message back for those fans.  Check it out…

(News) Tyson Beckford Nephew Kills Bus Driver

Another sad case of drunk driving. Tyson Beckford nephew, Domonic Whilby, had more than twice the legal limit last night when he killed a bus driver in Manhattan. Read the rest of the story after the jump.

(Photo+Video) It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye….Remembering Steve Jobs

It has been 2 long and reflective year since the late Great Steve Jobs left us down here on earth. It’s almost impossible to really understand how much Mr. Jobs contributed to the evolution and advancement of the human race as a whole. 02/24/1955-10/05/2011

(Video) Rihanna Booed At Concert For Being More Than An Hour Late! You’ll Never Believe Her Excuse!

Rihanna experienced boos from the crowd after taking to the stage an hour and 20 minutes late. Ri her excuse for being late was: “it always takes me a long time to get to Australia.” Really, Ri? Well, see the footage from the show and flicks in the gallery below!

(Photos) UH OH: Chief Keef Being Sued For WHAT?!

Here we go again. The troublesome Chicago rapper’s pockets are loaded with dough, but according to his landlord, he has failed to pay $9,400 in rent for the Illinois mansion that Keef has been renting. But of course, he continues to live there. According to the court documents, the “Sosa” rapper failed to pay his $4,700 per month rent for July and August. Tisk Tisk. Chief Keef’s landlord, Georghe Simoniak-Sas, says enough is enough and he will be taking the 18-year-old to court to get back his guap. Hit the gallery to check out the STUNNING crib.

R. Kelly Fans Leave Venue In Droves After Singer Was Hours Late For Show

R. Kelly was scheduled to perform in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday night, but his extreme tardiness ended up becoming the star of the show. After a good amount of time passed with still no Kelz in sight, the crowd started chanting, “Bring your a$$ out,” before deciding to take THEIR a$$ out. People reportedly left in droves, and finally over an hour and a half late, R. Kelly took the stage. There wasn’t much of the crowd left, but those that did stay were reported to have let the anger subside and just enjoy the show. Kelz does sure put on one helluva performance!

Justin Bieber Shows Up 2 Hours Late For Concert, Doesn’t Offer Any Explanation

Every time Justin Bieber does something good, like stopping a concert for Muslim prayer, he does something questionable. On Saturday Justin was performing a show in Dubai and he showed up two hours late for the gig. Justin, who claimed that he was “on his way,” didn’t offer any explanation or apology when he showed up at 10 pm. Parents were a little tight since children in Dubai have school on Sunday morning. Perhaps he didn’t realize that there is school in Dubai on Sunday, but you still don’t show up two hours late to a performance. Read more below.

It’s NOT Looking Good For Lindsay Lohan At ALL! Check This Out…

Lindsay Lohan continues to push the buttons of the legal system and one day, she’s going to push the wrong one. Despite the fact she’s been in and out of courtrooms for NUMEROUS violations over the last few years, she’s managed to dodge jail every single time, but her luck may have just ran out. The troubled actress has a court appearance set for 8:30AM PST, and she only caught a flight out of NYC a couple of hours ago. The reason being…she missed her first one, and then got up and left off of the second one she was on, just minutes before take off. She then sat around JFK airport texting any and everyone she knows, and finally managed to catch a private flight from the good people at Mr. Pink. She’s set to touch down at 8:11AM in Van Nuys…but has to make it to court in 19 minutes in L.A. rush hour traffic. That’s a joke! If she’s late, the judge could issue a bench warrant. We’ll keep you updated!

(Video + Photos) Papoose Shows The Late Great Biggie Some Love In This Tribute

I’m sure that this past weekend we all celebrated Biggie Smalls and the great music he left behind. Papoose is taking his turn. “The Nacirema Dream” rapper may be a few days off, but he makes up for that with his lyrics. Hit the jump and check out how Papoose does this tribute for Biggie.

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