“Is That A Rock Or A Brick?” 50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross For Only Selling 34K Albums

He’s not done! He probably never will be either…but 50 is back at it with his relentless mocking of Rick Ross’ persona, career, and now album sales for his new album Black Market. Hit the jump to see the insults Fif had this time around for the “Bawse”.

Wow….Whole Family Gets Arrested For Selling Drugs Out Of A Daycare

The family business just went under. Florida family and friend get busted for selling several drugs and contraband out of their home/daycare center. Full story after the jump.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks Owner Selling Team After Racial Remarks

Oh boy — here we go again — another Donald Sterling situation?!?!  NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced today that Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson is selling his controlling interest in the team following bigoted comments from 2012. Check it out & let us know what you think…

(Video) Teen Faces Life In Prison Over Hash Brownies?!

A renown teen, known for his Hash Brownie making and selling, may be serving life behind bars for his unconventional business. Officials have charged 19 year old, Jacob Lavoro with a first degree felony for use of Hash oil, instead of marijuana and are using all ngredients used to make the brownies including, butters and cocas, to determine the sentencing of the teen, which sculd be from 5 years. to life in prison. Check out the news clip below!

Whoa! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Are Selling Their Bel-Air Home For How Much?!

Living large! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are putting their Bel Air mansion up on the market for a guaping $12.99 million. So, what are you getting for that price?

(Photos) Look At These Fools Selling Drugs On Instagram

You may or may not know about a website called silkroad, which was open to selling many illicit products from guns to drugs, but it was shut down by the government recently. On the street when a drug spot gets shut down the drugs and sellers don’t just go away, they set up shop somewhere else.

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