We know Android recently Passed iOS in Apps, But in Q2 Apple was Named Leader in the Market(And Named MOST Valuable Company), It’s Q3 Now, With the Competition of Mad NEW Android Phones Battling the release of the iPhone 4S, Not to Mention Nokia may be Back in the game with their NEWEST release, Who’s On Top As of right NOW??? Hit the Jump to see for yourself!!!

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These are the latest Number, according to Gartner(a stats company), and Yup, Android is(as of Now) the Top OS Dog in the yard(Market), I wonder though, is this due to Android putting out SO Many Choices, Or the lack of the iPhone 5??? Either Way, Salute Android, BUT with So many Companies putting out Android devices, 1 company can Not claim supremacy over Apple, just the OS(and Only in Numbers, Not in Actual Devices!!!) It’s just a lot to keep up with, But that’s what I’m here for Fam!!!!