Chris wears Karrueche's THE KILL hat in Paris

I was paying close attention to Chris Brown’s happenings this weekend, as supposedly both his ex-girlfriend Karrueche and current whatever-she-is-to-him Rihanna were both to be in Paris the same time he was. Turns out, it got even messier than we (as bloggers who love gossip, LOL) could have hoped for! Here’s the deal: Kae, despite allegedly being broken up with Chris, still works with him as part of his styling team. Perhaps because Paris is such a mecca of fashion, perhaps because he missed her, perhaps because of some other reason I can’t think of, Kae and the styling team were sent out to Paris this weekend for Chris, while he was in town for multiple stops of his Carpe Diem tour. Simultaneously, Rihanna’s Diamonds tour was rolling through the city. Rih must have gotten word she had something to worry about, so she took to her IG to post what turned out to be an OLD photo of her and Chris in bed, likely from their rendezvous on Thanksgiving. Neither Kae nor Breezy paid it much mind, though, as they went on to have quite the time in Paris! Through a series of tweets, photos in the same room (though never together in the same pic) and some fan shots, it was discovered they spent the entire weekend together! And some tea may even have been spilled on the status of their relationship, as well as the status of him and Rihanna’s. Hmm! Check out everything in the gallery to get the 411.

Marisa Mendez